Pipeline Protection

Our pipe shield system gives enhanced protection and safety to new or existing pipelines. Made to fit 18-36" pipelines, our easy snap together technology makes installing fast and efficient.

Pipeline pieces


Made of specially engineered resin composite, customized blends can be used to perform in a wide variety of climates and conditions.

This material offers superior strength and stiffness, improved elevated temperature performance, enhanced creep resistance and higher impact strength.




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Custom modular skid layouts are available and can be customized to your specific needs.

Lifting Hook

The lifting hook is a point of attachment for listing assembled pipe shield segments into place. A lifting hook can be placed every 24" on the pipe shield.

pipeline lifting hook

Pipe Shield Cap

The pipe shield cap is used to attach the lifting hook to the assembled pipe shield. It locks the pipe shield components in place after assembly.

pipeline shield Cap

Standard Flange

The standard flange is attached to the pipe shield when the unit is placed above competent ground. Anchor pins can be driven into the slots to hold the shield in place.

pipeline Standard Flange

Submerged Flange

The submerged flange is attached to the pipe shield when the unit is placed under water. The cavity is to be filled with high density material to anchor it in place. The teeth on the base of the unit help to drive it into the ground.

pipeline Standard Flange

Pipe Shield

The pipe shield is the main body protecting the pipeline. It has locking features that allow it to be assembled to other shields, as well as other accessories as shown here.

pipeline pipe shield